Jenn + Hector’s Engagement

Normally, I don’t post anything personal, but because this was such a happy occasion, I just had to share!

25 Years ago, I (Cecil) met Jennifer at  summer camp/program that our elementary school held. We didn’t know who the hell each other were but we still got along!! Later, I found out that she was my neighbor! Jenn would come over everyday with coloring books, crayons, and when we got hungry, I’d make scrambled eggs! Yes, at 5 years old, I knew how to make scrambled eggs. Then came Jr. High, High School and College. Yes, we were pretty much together except High School. Then came college, where we were known as the two who’d either show up late to class or not show up at all! Of course, if only one of us showed up, one of us were ask “where’s your partner?”.. Well, fast forward to present.

Hector finally gives me THE text that I’ve been waiting for. He didn’t need to go past “Hey, Cecil”.. I knew where it was all going! A month pasts by, and the moment finally arrives..

Bill and I were very grateful to be part of your engagement! Much thanks to my husband for capturing everything that was going on while everyone was waiting for Jenn to arrive. The emotions and memories from this event was priceless. What engagement isn’t?! Engagement took place at Gantry State Plaza Park in LIC, NY where you had a beautiful view of Manhattan from Queens.  Here are a few from their day.

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